10 exciting, creative activities one can do this summer


The much-awaited summer vacations are here. For the people who aren’t planning to head out anytime soon, it is difficult to sort out ideas of what to do in the holidays. Here is a quick guide which will help you sort out your thoughts.

Following are some of the interesting ideas on activities one can indulge in this summer:

Learn Bakery

There are many long-term and short-term  bakery courses which can inculcate some talent in you. This is the perfect time to learn some creative skill in yourself. Enroll yourself in a bakery class and you ‘ll have a lot to learn.

Cool Mocktails

One of the novel ideas to learn is making some cool mocktails. This year beat the heat with your flavors of cool mocktails prepared by you.


Now you have the time to get ready and plan an adventurous trip. It is the time when you can head out to relatively cooler places . Also, if you can innovate, you should try and visit some exciting places.

Find some exciting places here- https://thehushpost.com/travel/beat-the-heat-with-top-10-places-down-southern-india-best-places-to-visit/


Enroll in learning fellowship so that one can invest the holidays in something that is meaningful.


If you have a flair for writing, this is the time to   begin. Some people are passionate writers, so here is the time to go ahead. This is the time to start what you might have held back for long.

Plan fun party at home

Instead of going out, many people like to hold house parties which is not possible during regular working day. Now, that you have a little free time, be generous in inviting over friends or family.


Home makeover

Give your house the much-required makeover you always wanted for  long. No don’t need to spend heaps of money, opt for DIY ( Do it Yourself) and give your house a new look.


Summer Camp

No, we are clearly not saying to enroll in a camp but you can organise one and share your knowledge with others .


Learn a language

Think broadly and let your knowledge expand as much as it can. One should always keep up the spirit of learning new things. Get the hang of a new country and its culture by learning a new  language.


Your immediate environment needs extra nourishment and pampering. Gardening is one such way to do so. Learn, buy, plant and take care of different plants at your home and try new ways to maintain a garden at your home. For instance, a vertical garden.


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