10 foreigners caught strolling along Ganga amid lockdown, police asks to write down “sorry” 500 times

The Hush Post | 8:18 pm | One-minute read |

The Uttarakhand Police on Saturday punished 10 foreigners for flouting the lockdown orders in Rishikesh. Interestingly, the police asked them to write “I am sorry” 500 time on sheets of paper. The police had caught the foreigner taking a stroll along the banks of the Ganga amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

The Uttarakhand government had on Saturday relaxed the restraining orders from 7am to 1 pm. The police had allowed people to move to complete their chores and get supplies. However, the police had imposed the restrictions on roaming around without any reason.

According to a report in News18 the tourists are from the United States, Australia, Mexico and Israel. The police did ask them if they were aware of the restrictions. The police punished them and each was ordered to write “I did not follow the lockdown, I am sorry” 500 times on sheets of paper.

Vinod Sharma, in-charge of the police post in Tapowan said nobody was allowed to go out on strolls. He said that the punishment would send a strong message.

Police have asked locals hotels to allow foreigner guests to step out only if accompanied by local helpers.


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