10-year-old boy impregnates 13-year-old girl; doctors shocked

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A 10-year-old boy in Russia impregnated a 13-year-old girl, much to the shock of society and the medical fraternity as well. Even as doctors are shocked as the boy is too little to medically father a child, the girl has insisted that she has no other partner.

The boy and the girl were interviewed by a television show in Russia and the case has caused deep controversy. 10-year-old Ivan (Vanya) and 13-year-old Darya (Dasha) appeared on the show which was named “Father at 10!”

Rossiya 1 channel, on which the show was aired, suggested the girl had another older partner. However, But Darya denied this and revealed she and Ivan had sex at his home when his mother was away.

The two confessed of having sex at Darya’s home when her mother was away. Ivan was asked if the child could be someone else’s he said: ‘This cannot be.’

Meanwhile, doctors deny Ivan could be the father. ‘There cannot be sperm cells. He is still a child. There is even no testosterone. And just to add, he still has childish sex organs. Puberty has not started. So we have a lot of questions,’ said Dr. Dr Evgeny Grekov, a urology and andrology expert.

Darya is two months pregnant and says they met each other a year ago and fell in love at first sight. The girl plans to keep the child and says she and her boyfriend will take care of each other.

Soon after beginning their sex life, Darya started suffering from constant nausea and vomiting. Her mother Elena, 35, took her to hospital for examinations but doctors failed to find the cause of her ‘illness’.

Finally, Elena bought a pregnancy test kit and taught her daughter how to use it. Elena, who was also participating in the show, said that on kwowing about Darya’s pregnancy she was in shock.

The boy’s mother, Galina, 28, is convinced he is telling the truth and are planning to help Darya to raise the child.

Since it is too early in the pregnancy for a DNA check on the child, it will be completed later.


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