12 yr old Solan boy writes a book explaining cosmic mysteries

cosmic messes

The Hush Post| 18:23 pm| one-minute-read 

A 12—year-old boy from Solan in Himachal Pradesh has penned down a book on the mysteries of the Universe, surprising many. Class VIII student Ojas Sharma has incorporated facts about the universe in his book which, he claims, aren’t even available on the internet.

Titled ‘Clearing the Cosmic Messes’, the book contains basic concepts and principles related to the universe. It took only a month for Ojas to write the book. Surprisingly, Ojas has even incorporated some of his own theories in the book. The word Ojas in Sanskrit means vigour.

“Besides getting basic information about the universe, the reader will also get an insight into the Vedanta Time Measurement”, says Ojas.

Proud parents, Ramanand Sharma and Sarita Sharma say that initially they didn’t believe that he could achieve this feat. Later, Sarita Sharma lent her support and approached a publisher. “It was tough to get the book published, but after clearing all the doubts, the publisher gave a go ahead,” said Sarita Sharma.

Ojas is currently working on a flexible mobile, which he says will carry multiple features. The project is yet to get a patent.

What’s more, Ojas also successfully topped his class examinations this year. Many organisations have come forward to felicitate Ojas. The book will soon be available for sale on Amazon.


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