13,000 kgs of gold and Rs. 2,00,00,062,00,000 or 2.62 lakh crores recovered from a corrupt official in China

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Police have recovered 13.5 tonnes of gold and Rs. 2.62 lakh crores cash in account from a corrupt official in China. The accused is an official of the all-powerful Communist Party. Police have accused him of amassing disproportionate wealth by accepting bribes.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the corruption inspector had raided the house of the official named ‘Jhang’. The police recovered a large number of suspicious items from Jhang’s house. The video of the raid has been banned in China.

58-year-old Jhang is reported to be a high official in the Hainan province. The Communist Party has dismissed him from the party.  It is also learnt that Jhang had even accepted huge luxurious villas in bribe.

If the allegations against Jhang are proved in the court, he will come to be known as the man to have more money than China’s richest man- Jack Ma.

Jhang is presently in police custody and investigations are on.

Jhang has been the secretary of Communist party committee in Haqau, capital of Hainan. He had the powers of a city mayor. Besides, he was also the member of the standing committee of Hainan province.


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