1,500 deaths in a day in US | Worst 24 hour death toll since COVID-19 hit world

Corona Virus Odisha

The Hush Post| 1:05 pm| one-minute-read|

Probably the highest number of deaths in a single took place in the United States of America.

The United States recorded nearly 1,500 deaths from COVID-19 between Thursday and Friday, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker, the worst 24-hour death toll globally since the pandemic began.

With 1,480 deaths counted between 8:30 pm (0030 GMT) Thursday and the same time Friday, according to the university’s continuously updated figures, the total number of people who have died since the start of the pandemic in the United States is now 7,406. US has become the new epicentre of COVID-19 after first China and then Italy.

President Donald Trump has already said that US may witness as many as 1 to 2 lakh deaths overall.


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