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Ludhiana Police arrest prime accused in 2.1-kg Ghumar Mandi jewellery robbery case

The Hush Post| 21:06 pm|one-minute-read| The prime accused in the 2.1-kg gold robbery case who was wanted by Punjab Police of Ludhiana was arrested by...
aircrash Karachi

98 killed in Pak air crash

The Hush Post| 19:12 pm|one-minute-read| A Pakistan International Airliner from Lahore with 90 passengers and eight crew on board, crashed near the Karachi airport. The...
plasma therapy

Plasma therapy successfully treats COVID-19 patient in Pune

The Hush Post| 15:48 pm|one-minute-read| Some good news for COVID-19 patients. In a first, the first experimental use of plasma therapy to treat a coronavirus...
mango loot

Crowd loots Mangoes in Delhi

The Hush Post| 13:05 pm|one-minute-read| It was probably the worst in the people which was seen or rather which was witnessed in Delhi.  On Wednesday...
newborn dies of COVID-19

2-month-old dies in Punjab due to COVID-19

The Hush Post| 10:18 am| one-minute-read| Born in the times of Corona Virus and couldn't live beyond it. A two-month-old boy who had contracted coronavirus...

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