21 days lock down across India, PM Modi announces

Covid 19 death

The Hush Post|8:16 pm | one-minute-read|

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that there is going to be a 21 days lockdown across the country starting 12 midnight tonight onwards.

He has said that 21 days lockdown is important to ensure that the Corona Virus is wiped out from our system, ecological and bio system.

He has said that social distancing is important during this lockdown period. It is going to be much stricter than the Janta Curfew. He said that the country is at a stage which will decide our future. If we do not ensure proper lockdown in the next 21 days, we will be left back at least 21 years behind as a nation.

He said that the virus picks up speed after an initial slow movement. The first one lakh were affected in 67 days. The next one lakh were affected in 11 days. And the next one lakh people were affected in another four days.


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