25 members of family have more than 10 fingers and toes | Fail to get jobs

The Hush Post | 3:20 pm | One-minute read

A family in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh have a genetic anomaly. All the 25 family members have more than 10 fingers and toes. The sad part is that the family claims that this has become an obstruction in getting education and a formal job.

One of the family members Baldev Yawale reportedly said that there are 25 people in his family and everyone has polydactyly, which is a congenital condition of supernumerary fingers.

“My children went to school but they didn’t complete their education. Their fellow students used to tease them. I seek help from the government. I have no land. We are very poor,” Yawale told ANI.

His son said that due to his condition, he could not complete his studies and now he was not getting any job.

“Normal slippers and shoes don’t fit into my feet. I have studied till class 10. Once I went for Army examination but failed in the Physical examination,” said Santosh.

He said, “I have 12 fingers and 14 toes. I did not get a job because of this and I am not getting any help from the village panchayat. I want the government to help us.”

Due to this anomaly, the family has become famous in the nearby regions. People from adjoining districts often come to see them.


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