30 dead including 9 journalists; famed AFP photographer, BBC Reporter also killed in twin-suicide bombing in Kabul; WATCH VIDEO

Shah Marai (AFP)


The Hush Post: In a coordinated twin suicide bombing by the Islamic State group in Kabul, 30 people including nine journalists and four policemen were killed as a series of attacks took place.

Famed photo journalist Shah Marai of Agence France Presse was among those dead. The incident took place when a bomber disguised himself as a media crew member and detonated himself at the site of an earlier explosion. Both attacks have been claimed by Islamic State.
In another incident, Ahmad Shah, a reporter with the BBC, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Khost province. Shah was on his way back home when the attack happened.

Apart from them, 45 people were wounded in the twin attack, according to Kabul Police spokesman, Hashmat Stanekzai. He also confirmed that four policemen were killed.

In a statement on IS-affiliated website, the Islamic State group said two of the martyrdom seekers executed the bombing, targeting headquarters of the ‘renegade’ intelligence services of Afghanistan in Kabul.

The blasts took place at one of the more safer places in the central Shash Darak area, which has NATO headquarters and also a number of embassies and foreign offices as well as the Afghan intelligence service.

The first suicide-bomber was on a motorcycle. The second explosion was a deliberate one meant to kill those rushing towards the scene to help the victims of the first blast.

The second attacker was walking among the crowd of reporters that rushed to the scene of the first attack, pretending to be one of the journalists.

In all eight Afghan journalists have been confirmed dead killed and six wounded.

Jawed Ghulam Sakhi, a taxi driver said,”When the explosion took place, everywhere was covered with dust and leaping up in fire, it was so horrific scene” with bodies and body parts “thrown about on the street like garbage.”

“I saw journalists covered with blood, this time they targeted the media,” Sakhi added.

Afghan President Asharf Ghani meanwhile has condemned these attacks.
Kabul chief of police Dawood Amin said the area has been sealed off and authorities were investigating the scene of crime and mayhem.



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