32-year-old used makeover to look an old man of 80 to fly to US | Caught from his black arm hair

The Hush Post | 5:45 pm | One-minute read

The Central Industrial Security Force on Sunday nabbed a 32-year-old man from IGI International Airport who masqueraded himself as 80-year-old. The man whose real name is Jayesh Patel was posing himself as 80-year-old Amrik Singh.

According to the reports, the accused was carrying a fake passport. He came to the airport on a wheel-chair with white beard and spectacles. But he was caught at the security check when security personnel noticed black hair on his arms.

Jayesh Patel tried to fake his identity to board a flight to New York. He was an electrician and wanted to go to the US to get a better job as an electrician. Sub-inspector Rajveer Singh reportedly said that he got suspicious as the man was not making eye-contact during the interaction. The date of birth written on his fake passport was February 2, 1938.

CISF in their press release reportedly said, “The appearance and the skin texture of the passenger seemed to be much younger than mentioned in the passport.”

On further inquiry, the CISF personnel noticed that the accused had a colored beard and he wore zero power glasses.

He revealed that he lived in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. An agent had promised him to arrange his documents for traveling. The agent also sent him to a make-up artist in Delhi who helped him get the look of a senior citizen.

However, the accused has been detained and handed over to the Delhi Police for further investigation.


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