69000 babies born on Jan 1, at this rate we will add another Punjab by the end of year

By Manav Bansal

The Hush Post| 5:28 pm | one-minute-read

India has increased its population count by 69000 on January 1, 2019. According to the report by UNICEF, India is on the top of the list of countries with highest new born babies (69,944 babies) on the very first day of the year. The list goes on with China (44,940 babies) on second and Nigeria (25,685 babies) on third place. Also, the report said that India contributes around 18% of the total babies born around the world.

If we calculate, 69000 babies in a day are 20 lakh 70 thousand children in a month. And furthermore if we calculate, there are 2.48 crore children added to the population in a year. This means we add a population count of Punjab every year to country’s total population. We give birth to children equal to Himachal’s population every 3 months. We produce almost another Sikkim in terms of population every week. But the saddest part is that we cannot increase the area of land we have. Without any doubt we are rapidly moving towards being the world’s most populated country. Also, we are not following any two-child policy like China.

Another issue which we face are health complications. As said by Dr. Yasmin Ali Haque, UNICEF representative in India, many of the newborn babies do not even survive for a day due to different health issues and delivery infections. She said that in 2017, almost 10 lakh children died on the very first day of their birth and 25 lakh in the first month itself. According to the experts, the major reason behind it is the poor health facilities and lack of skilled health workers. This issue off newborn deaths can be rectified by easy course of actions like exclusive breast feeding and skin to skin contact between mother and baby.


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