74-year-old Indian woman gives birth to twins through IVF, sets world record

The Hush Post | 4:45 pm | One-minute read

A woman from Andhra Pradesh set a world record by giving birth to twins at the age of 74. The woman reportedly gave birth to children 57 years her after marriage.

The woman Mangayamma and her husband Yeramatti Raja Rao are from East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. Both of them went to a nursing home when their 55-year-old neighbour became pregnant through IVF. Dr. Umashankar and Dr. Sanakkayala collected Raja Rao’s sperm and were successful in the fertilization process.

During the course of her pregnancy, Mangayamma was kept under the supervision of the doctors. A c-section surgery was performed by Dr. Umashankar to deliver the twins on Thursday.

Raja Rao reportedly said, “I am feeling very happy. We have been in the hospital for nine months. After seeing the children today we have forgotten all our struggles. We will take care of both our children.”


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