Another rape | 8-yr-old girl raped, killed after being enticed with chocolate in Karnataka

8-year-old raped
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Another horrific case of child sexual abuse and murder came to light this time in Karnataka. The incident took place in Kalaburgi on Monday evening after the police found the body of an eight-year-old girl near a storm water drain.
The Sulepet Police and local residents found the girl’s body during a search operation they were carrying out for the missing girl.

Around 10.30 am on Monday, villagers in Kalaburgi saw the girl walking with a 35-year-old man named Yellappa near an anganwadi.

Yellappa had allegedly gone to the government school. The victim studies there in class 2. He had enticed her with a chocolate. When the girl did not come home at 4.30 pm, her parents began to worry. They went to the school to enquire about their daughter. The students and teachers allegedly told the girl’s parents that she had not come to school and assumed that she had taken a day off.

Her parents then rushed to the Sulepet Police station and filed a missing persons complaint.

A team of six police officers then set out to look for the girl across the village and the outskirts, parallel to the highway.

Meanwhile, the girl’s parents too formed a search party and the residents of the village began looking for the girl. At around 7.30 pm, residents who were carrying battery-operated LED lamps, found a dress, which looked like it belonged to a little girl, near a dilapidated plot next to the primary storm water drain.

They immediately alerted the police, who closed off the crime scene. Sulepet Police said that the girl’s throat had been slit and that she was stabbed several times.
Residents of the village informed the police that Yellappa was with the girl on Monday morning. “We found a pair of men’s underwear near the girl’s body. When we found Yellappa, he was near the village square. His clothes were bloody and he was drunk. He was drunk when he abducted the girl. We took him into custody and questioned him,” Sulepet Police said.

Investigating officers say that Yellappa confessed to sexually assaulting and killing the girl. “When we arrested him, he kept saying that she did not listen to him. He was incoherent. After he became sober, we questioned him once more and he confessed to sexually assaulting and killing the girl,” the police added.

A case of rape and murder has been registered against Yellapa.


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