95 per cent voting as women polling agents with sleeveless blouse & maxi dress become centres of attraction

The Hush Post | 15:15 | One-minute Read 

A stylish woman poll officer in a yellow saree on election duty has caught netizens’ attention on social media. The junior assistant in Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department is now enjoying public limelight as a social media star.

Reena Dwivedi, whose picture has gone viral on different platforms of social media, has got instant recognition as ‘the woman in yellow saree’.

In the viral photograph, Reena looked gorgeous in her attire for poll duty. She can be seen carrying an EVM to the polling station.

32-year-old Reena is delighted with the attention she is getting on the internet. She said, “People are liking me. I am enjoying every moment of it. Who does not like being noticed? I am very happy.”

Reena, who got married early in life, was stationed at Lucknow on May 5, when she was clicked by a colleague. The picture is now talk of the town.

Interestingly, the booth where Reena was on duty had recorded highest voting rate i.e. 95%.

On the other hand, another woman officer on election duty last Sunday, also caught attention. The picture which is trending on the internet, shows the woman officer in a blue maxi dress with sunglasses. The woman’s identity is still a secret.


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