A Muslim who converted to Hinduism knocks on Supreme Court’s door to get back his lady love

Supreme Court

Mohd. Ibrahim Sidhiqui aka Aryan Arya has filed a Habeus Corpus petition in the apex court challenging the verdict of the Chattisgarh High Court.

supreme court

The Hush Post: In yet another case of inter-religion marriage and opposition to it from the girl’s side, a Hindu-convert-Muslim man has moved the Supreme Court seeking release of his fianceé` from the clutches of his ‘in-laws’.

Bringing back memories of the famous Hadiya case, Mohd. Ibrahim Sidhiqui has filed a Habeus Corpus petition in the apex court challenging the verdict of the Chattisgarh High Court. Ibrahim had converted into Hinduism and had taken the name Aryan Arya to marry his lady love.

In his petition, Ibrahim aka Aryan Arya has contended that the High court had “erroneously declined” to direct the release of his wife, Anjali Jain to him despite her being a major aged 23 years. The appellant stated that Anjali had married him out of her own independent choice and her parents had now detained her but the High Court “limited her freedom” by refusing to release her, reported Bar & Bench.

The matter came for hearing before a Bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice DY Chandrachud which has issued a notice to District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police in Dhamtari district, Chattisgarh and SHO of City Kotwali, besides Ashok Kumar Jain, father of Anjali Jain. Aryan Arya and Anjali are both residents of Dhamtari. The court has also directed the SP to produce Anajali before it on August 27.

It is reported that Ibrahim (33) and Anjali (23) were going around for the past two to three years and had married at an Arya Samaj temple in Raipur two days after after Ibrahim converted into Hinduism in February, 2018.  Anjali did not inform her parents about the marriage and returned back home hoping she would reveal all in a conducive atmosphere. However, her parents came to know about her marriage with Ibrahim from someone. Subsequently, Anjali and Ibrahim decide to flee home on June 30, but were found by some policemen who first took her to the police station and then to a Sakhi Center.

Ibrahim has contended in the High Court that Anjali wanted to come with him but was restrained by her parents.  He even alleged that the local police incorrectly recorded Anjali’s statements that she wanted to go with her parents and handed her custody to them.

After interacting with Anjali, the court held that she denied any illegal detention by her parents subsequently ruling that “certain breathing space and time is required to be given in a free atmosphere to Anjali Jain to make up her own independent mind”.

Ibrahinm in his petition contended that the High Court had hence made it categorical that it cannot release Anjali Jain in his favour for the time being.

He has invoked the judgment of the Supreme Court in the Hadia case to back his petition.


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