AAP chief Kejriwal says party “party bankrupt,” govt full of coffers

Arvind Kejriwal

The Hush Post : 11:00 am – 2 minute – read

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal has launched a crowd funding campaign. Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, he insisted volunteers, supporters and people in general donate to the party to enable it contest elections.

While launching the nationwide crowd sourcing campaign, “AAP Ka Dhaan, Rashtra ka Nirmaan”. The event took place at the Talkatora Stadium in central Delhi. There was a gathering of around 1,000 party workers.

“It is for the first time in history that a party is kangaal (bankrupt) and the government is cash-rich. That is because we run on your funds. We do not depend on money from corrupt millionaires,” Kejriwal said. 

While addressing party workers, the Chief Minister said, “There are elections in the next two years. We do not have money. Party needs money. All working volunteers must contribute at least Rs 100 per month. Your family members who earn have to contribute”.

The fresh donation appeal comes at a time when the party’s funding has been questioned by the Election Commission over the alleged concealment of donations and money coming through the ‘hawala’ route.

In the campaign, MPs and MLAs of the party, accompanied by volunteers, would be going door-to-door in their respective areas to seek donation. Apart from online donations, people across the country can support the campaign by dialing a number that was launched at the event.

The party has invited its supporters to contribute at least Rs 100 per month. Until now, the party has been depending on random donations.



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