Absconding organiser of Amritsar Dussehra, Saurabh Madan Mithu, posts video saying “train tragedy is not his fault” (WATCH VIDEO)

Saurabh Madan Mithu
A video grab shows Saurabh Madan Mithu with folded hands.

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Congress councillor Vijay Madan’s son Saurabh Madan Mithu, who organised Dussehra in Amritsar, has posted a video. In the video, he is saying that “some people are intentionally trying to frame him” in the train accident. Notably, a train had crushed several people who were watching Dussehra standing on rail tracks.

The councillor’s son Mithu is absconding along with his family ever since the train tragedy. Mithu has posted a video on social media saying that he was pained by the accident, a report said.

Councillor’s son Mithu claims he took permission for holding Dussehra function and they had asked people not to stand on tracks

The absconding man claimed that he took the permission to hold the event. He said they made announcements were made a couple of times asking people not to stand on the tracks.

“I arranged the Dussehra event to bring everyone together. I had taken all the permissions. Had spoken to police, (municipal) corporation, fire brigade,” Mithu said in a video in Punjabi.

He further said that they had organised the function on a ground and not on the tracks. “But some people were standing there and the train came out of nowhere. It was an act of God. What is my fault in this?” he added.

Mithu said there was a 20 feet boundary made around the Ravana effigy and the ground where the event was held also had an eight to ten feet long boundary around it.

He claimed that some people are blaming him for the train accident due to “personal rivalry”.

“With folded hands, I request you not to do this,” Mithu said.

Mithu’s claims are contradictory

But Mithu’s claims contradict another video from the evening of the accident where one of the organisers was seen boasting to Congress leader Navjot Kaur Sidh, who was the chief guest, that even if 500 trains pass by, the crowd won’t move from the tracks.

Saurabh Madan Mithu along with his mother, a Congress Councillor, is absconding missing after the incident. On Saturday afternoon, a group of people pelted stones at their residence out of anger.

CCTV footage from Mithu’s neighbourhood showed him fleeing from his house in a white SUV.

Over 60 people died during Dussehra on Friday when a train ran over a crowd standing on the rail tracks.


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