ADC, Chandigarh Sakshi Sawhney pens a rap sung by BDPO Kapila to encourage youngsters to vote

The Hush Post | 16:05 | Two-minute read 

With 45 million new voters, the 2019 general elections is surely a youth-oriented battlefield for all Indian political parties. The young voters will clearly be one of the deciding factors in the elections. And to connect with the young generation, the Chandigarh Administration has penned down and recorded a rap.

The district administration claims that it is the first-of-its-kind effort to attract young voters. The 96-second rap was sung in Hindi by Majri BDPO Hiten Kapila. He used the software for the music.

The lines are, “Aa raha yeh chunav hai, hamara bhi koi adhikar hai (The elections are coming, we have our rights)”, the rap is focused on the importance of elections and the importance of voters.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Sakshi Sawhney has written the lines for the rap.

The singer, BDPO Hiten Kapila said, “The idea was conceived by ADC Sakshi Sawhney. We wanted to connect with the youth voters with an innovative method by singing a rap. It is being circulated by our election teams in Whatsapp groups and on social media platforms so that it could reach maximum people.” In 2014 General Elections, 24 million new voters had joined the country’s electorate.


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