Afghan boy gets prosthetic leg, learns to dance in seconds | WATCH VIDEO

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Ahmed Sayeed Rehman was 8-months-old when he lost his leg to a bullet. Doctors in Kabul had to amputate his leg. Following the incident, many attempts were made to provide Ahmed with a prosthetic leg. However, the leg never fitted for some reason or the other.

Four years down the lane, doctors finally achieved success. Ahmed Sayeed Rehman got back his lost leg and he danced in pure joy. Words simply fail to express the happy demeanor on his face.

The young Afghan is just happy that he can dance again with his new prosthetic leg. “I like to dance, and I am very happy with my new leg. Do you want to see me dance?” he offers when asked.

A video of a cheerful Sayeed Rehman dancing has gone viral on the social media. The video was shot by docotr Mulkara Rahimi of the Kabul prosthetic clinic and posted on Twitter.

The five-year-old is being widely praised for his resilience.

Sayeed Rehman was caught in crossfire between government and insurgent forces in his home province of Logar, 60 kms outside the Afghan capital.

“We were caught between an ongoing battle between the Afghan forces and the Taliban. Rehman and sister got shot at. While my daughter suffered bullet wounds to her kidney and legs, Rehman’s right leg was badly injured,” said Sayeed Rehman’s mother Raesa.

His leg had to be amputated, she said.

Children have been disproportionately affected by Afghanistan’s war. according to the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), they have accounted for a third of civilian casualties this year, including 150 dead and 432 injured. Last year UNAMA reported 927 children were killed and 2,135 injured.

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