Docs find 452 metal objects including sharp pins, nail cutters, coins in man’s stomach

man eats metals

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In a weird incident, 452 metal items weighing close to 4 kgs were found in a man’s stomach after doctors performed an operation on him at a civil hospital in Ahmedabad. What was found inside were items like nail-cutters, safety pins, nuts and bolts and coins. The 28-year-old man was suffering from a mental illness.

The man was admitted to the civil hospital from a mental hospital after he complained of a stomachache. Doctors carried out an X-ray upon him soon after he was brought and were shocked with the reports that detected metal items in his stomach.

A team of four doctors immediately performed a surgery on the man for almost three hours and recovered the metal items. The man, in all probability, was eating the metal items since the past seven or eight months, according to doctors.

Dr Kalpesh Parmar of Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital told news agency ANI, We operated him on August 9. We found many foreign bodies in the stomach such as coins, pins, earrings, spark plugs and sharp pins. It was almost 4 kgs of metal.

Doctors, in fact, also said that the man is suffering from Schizophrenia and has been consuming the metal items after being instructed by another person suffering with a similar nature of disease to do so. It is also possible that the man is of the opinion that he is supposed to eat the metal items as food.

The patient is stable at the moment but doctors have kept him under observation.


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