18-day-old girl undergoes successful heart surgery in Andhra Pradesh

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The Hush Post: In one of the rare surgeries, a successful heart surgery was performed on an 18-day old girl in Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. PV Rama Rao, the head of Children’s Services at the Andhra Hospitals said this surgery on an 18-day-old baby was very difficult and one of its kind, a report said.

Talking to the media persons, Dr. Rao said, an underweight baby with complex heart disease “Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage” was admitted to the Andhra Hospital. It is a disease where the blood vessels that go to the heart are placed in an abnormal position. According to him, this condition was among the rarest varieties of TAPVD, it was reported.

The report said the surgery was successfully operated on the baby girl on May 3. After the surgery, the baby girl was taken care in the hospital. The one month child started showing good recovery symptoms when the doctors decided to discharge her. The renowned surgeon, Dr. Rama Rao has performed more than 27 TAPVD heart surgeries in his medical career till date ranging from the rarest of the cases to the most complex ones.

As per to Dr. Rao, the reason behind the success of this rare and complex surgery is the effort and determination of the specialized team of doctors in the neonatology department of Andhra Hospital.

Dr. Dilip said this hospital is the only possible center for all types of neonatal cardiac surgeries because it has the backup support of tertiary level 3 neonatal intensive care unit. The medical team and the external support are some factors why so many complex surgeries can be done at this hospital with successful results. People present at the time included Sreemannarayana, Ramesh, cardiac anesthetist, cardiologist, and many others, it was reported.

Dr. Vikram stated that around 7,000 children are born with the rare case of complex heart disease every year out of which only 200 are treated and undergo the surgical procedures. Reasons behind the surgery are many such as certain infections while the pregnancy period, malnutrition, smoking or alcohol consumption, and diabetes. The girl is said to be recovering quite well after the surgery and has been taken home after the discharge, the report said.

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