Wearing nightie in daytime to attract Rs 2,000 as penalty in Andhra village

The Hush Post | 11:15 am |two-minute-read

Village elders in an Andhra Pradesh village have issued a diktat. Women in Tokalapalli village will not wear nighties during the day, as nighties are meant only for the night only. Talking to a national daily, the village sarpanch said that wearing a nightie while washing clothes in the open, going to grocery shops and attending meetings “is not good”.
To ensure that the rule is followed in spirit, a committee of 9 members have decided a penalty too. A fine of Rs 2,000 will have to be paid if anybody is found flouting the rule. Anybody who informs about the rule being disobeyed will be given a reward of Rs 1,000.
This happened in Tokalapalli village about 9 months ago. As soon as the revenue officials
came to know about it on Friday, they reached the village.

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