Andhra woman kills 7-year-old daughter, says she was naughty

The Hush Post | 8:49 pm | One-minute read

An Andhra Pradesh woman killed her seven-year-old daughter in Visakhapatnam just because she was mischievous and naughty.  32-year-old B Usha murdered her daughter Bandi Ramya when her husband was away from home.

The Rambilli police arrested Usha two days after the murder on Wednesday. Initially Usha and her relatives misled the police citing her mental health issues. But later Usha confessed to the crime after the police grilled her.

Rambili police informed Usha has two daughters and a son. Deceased Ramya was Usha’s younger daughter. Usha’s five-year-old son told police that he saw his mother strangulate Ramya to death.

Usha’s husband Appa Rao was not present at the home when she committed the crime. Usha’s neighbors told police that she used to hate her daughters and loved only her son. While confessing her crime Usha said that she was fed up with Ramya and hence killed her.

Police have clarified that Usha does not have any mental disorder and hence there was no need to send her for any counseling or treatment. Police have arrested Usha under Section 302 of IPC (murder) of the IPC.

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