WATCH VIDEO | Ever heard of a monkey studying in classroom….Read details


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It could seem normal for people who walk into the government primary school of Vengalampalli in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh for the first time. But this school, located at Peapully mandal of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh, houses a peculiar student.

For the past two weeks a rather unusual student is attending the classes, but since it is attentive and not disturbing the class, the teachers and students are not bothered with its presence.

Meet female grey langur Laxmi. This is how she is addressed by her fellow classmates, who has become the most sincere member of the primary school.

Like an obedient student, Laxmi appears during morning prayers every day, attends the classes, eats her lunch during lunch break and plays with her classmates during classes while studying along with them.

What’s best is that her presence helped increase the attendance of the students at the school. Meanwhile, in the past two weeks, the school staff has also started locking the doors during class in order to stop the entry of the wild animals so that they do not harm anyone.

In fact, school teachers have also started teaching children about what and what not to feed wild animals and to keep a distance from them.

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