Teacher slits throat of class 9 girl for rejecting marriage proposal

slit the throat

The Hush Post|10:56 am|2-min-read

A teacher from Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool town allegedly slit the throat of a Class 9 girl for rejecting his marriage proposal on Saturday.

According to the police, Shankar, 30, was a Hindi teacher and a Vidya volunteer. He had been following the 14-year-old girl for a year.

Kurnool DSP, Yugandhar Babu said the accused had been forcing the girl’s parents to get her to marry him. However, the family, which belongs to a washerman community, warned him against nurturing any such desire.

Around 9 am, Shankar went to her house in Bangarupeta area of Kurnool city in a drunken state as he came to know that the girl’s parents were out. He sent her younger brother out and slit her throat with a knife. Neighbours rushed to the house, responding to an alarm raised by the victim. Shankar then tried to slit his own throat.

While some of the neighbours rushed the girl to the hospital, other villagers pulled the accused out of the house and tied him to a tree. Neighbours who gathered to rescue the girl, thrashed Shankar and handed him over to the police.

State Human Resources Minister, G Srinivasa Rao, took serious note of the incident.  Shankar has been dismissed from service. The girl is recovering in hospital.




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