Sex trafficking in Tollywood film industry, names of two top actresses emerge, kingpin Sreeraj arrested

Sex trafficking Tollywood

The Hush Post: Shocking details of sex trafficking of Tollywood actresses to the US have come to light. And some of these actresses include two top actresses. The sex trafficking expose came to light after the arrest of kingpin Kishan Modugumudi alias Sreeraj Chennupati and Chandrakala by US federal agents in Chicago.

Sreeraj worked as a production manager in Tollywood before he began flesh trade.
As per a report, five sex trafficking victims mentioned in the complaint at Homeland Security Investigations in the US, the two well-known actresses come from Bengaluru and Chennai.

Starlet Sri Reddy, who recently hit the headlines for fighting casting couch menace in Tollywood, said on Friday that the NRI couple had approached her as well. “Usually when artists fail to get offers, they go to the US and are lured into flesh trade through sex trafficking. Artists are paid over $1,000, depending on their popularity,” she said.

Videos have emerged where the two actresses are attending Telugu Association conferences in the US. Sreeraj was also seen attending the event. Following the expose, Movie Artists Association has decided to hold a meeting on June 24 to discuss the issue.
Movie Artistes Association president Shivaji Raja said, “We are aware of Kishan Modugumudi’s suspicious activities. He worked as a production manager and co-produced at least two films. We have been warning artistes not to go abroad for performances with those with dubious antecedents. A few years ago, when I was vice-president, we noticed suspicious activity. Usually, artistes are not aware of the visa type issued to them for attending conferences in United States, Dubai, Singapore or Australia. We are meeting on June 24 on the issue. We are requesting artists to inform MAA about performance schedules and attendance at events abroad so that we can talk to organisers or associations and verify credentials.”

In 2016, two actresses Sampoornesh Babu and Anasuya criticised Sreeraj Chennupati for his misbehaviour while offering an invite for a Telugu conference in the States.

Actor Anasuya said, “I haven’t visited the United States for a long time. I attended an event with music composer Devisriprasad way back in 2014. In 2016, Sreeraj contacted me from his American number, asking me to attend a Telugu association event. I was uncomfortable with the way he spoke. He was talking about making a commitment. I refused to attend the event. Despite my refusal, he put my picture on poster. I tweeted saying, I have nothing to with the event.”

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