Class 9 school girls caught drunk in class expelled

drunk school girls

The Hush Post| 10:57 am |one-minute-read 

In a shocker, two school-girls were expelled from a government school in Andhra Pradesh for coming drunk to the class. The Class 9 students reportedly had soft drinks mixed with alcohol in the classroom and were sipping from the bottle while the teacher was in the class.

The smell of liquor coupled with their unusual conduct with their classmates reportedly gave them away.

Headmaster, Battu Suresh Kumar, said that this is not the first time that girls were caught drunk in school. “The girls said their fathers were addicted to alcohol and drank at home and they got into the habit of tasting the leftovers and soon became addicted,” Mr Kumar said.

The school authorities said that the girls were a bad influence on other students and had to be expelled.

However, the activists questioned why were the girls not being sent for counselling and de-addiction centres instead of being expelled, which could be counter-productive.


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