“Anil Ambani can’t even make a paper plane”, alleges Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Gujarat

The Hush Post |22:30| Three-minute read

Congress President Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Narendra Modi over the Rafale jet deal while he was addressing the crowd in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar rally. The rally took place post the Congress Working Committee meet today. Narendra Modi was the focused target of Rahul Gandhi, while he delivered his speech.

Rahul Gandhi accused PM of corruption in the 36 Rafale jets deal with France. Furthermore, he said that Modi gave Rs. 30,000 crore to his ‘friend’ Anil Ambani.

PM Modi praises the Air Force but he doesn’t say he stole Rs. 30,000 crore from pockets of their pilots and gave it to Anil Ambani.”, alleged Rahul Gandhi.

Initially, Anil Ambani was chosen by Rafale manufacturer Dassault for an offset contract in the Rafale deal.

For which Rahul Gandhi claimed and said, “I guarantee Anil Ambani won’t even be able to make a paper plane.” However, his remark made the crowd cheer with applause.

Further, he added, “PM Modi goes to France and in his delegation, Anil Ambani goes as well. France president, Francois Hollande admitted he was asked to give the contract to Anil Ambani by Narendra Modi.”

Along with this, he also alleged that government went for this overpriced deal, only to benefit Modi’s ‘friend’ Anil Ambani. He believes that Anil’s Reliance Defense is one of the offset partners of Dassault to which both Anil Ambani and Dassault has denied.

The offset clause is that in exchange of the contract, Dassault has to give half the value of the deal in the Indian firms. Reliance Defense was supposed to be their offset partner getting some of the benefit from this exchange of contract.

The Supreme Court in December refused to invest in the deal worth 8.7 billion and rejected petitions that alleged corruption. Also, it alleged the choice of Anil Ambani’s firm as its domestic partner. At the first place, the top court is now hearing petitions asking the Supreme court to review the clean record of the Rafale deal with France.


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