Another one from Modi minister: Einstein discovered gravity!!! And Maths didn’t help him do that !!!

piyush goyal

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Defending the slowdown in the economy has proven to be a tough task for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ministers. A couple of days back finance minister had attributed the slowdown in the auto sector to millennials using Ola and Uber. Today, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal’s defence of the economy led to an inadvertent error on the discovery of gravity.

In an embarrassing gaffe, Goyal said, “maths never helped Einstein discover gravity”.

Confused? Well you ought to be. Einstein never discovered gravity. It was Sir Issac Newton instead.

If that was not all, Piyush Goyal meant to say that Maths never helped Einstein achieve that!

Piyush Goyal made the blunder during a meeting with the Board of Trade in Delhi. Speaking to reporters, Goyal said the country was on track to meeting the $5 trillion target in five years.

He explained, “Don’t go by all these calculations you see on TV, that if the country has to become a $5 trillion economy, it will have to grow at 12% but right now it is currently growing at 6-7%”. “Don’t get into those maths. Those maths have never helped Einstein discover gravity.”

He further said, “If he had only gone by structured formulae and what was past knowledge, I don’t think there would have been any innovation in this world”.

Notably, the Commerce Minister’s statement comes at a time when the Indian economy has shown the lowest growth in six years – a dismal 5%.

The slowdown has majorly effected the auto sector. Defending the economy union finance minister Sitharaman on Tuesday said, “The automobile and components industry has been affected by BS-VI and the mindsets of millennials who now prefer to have Ola and Uber rather than committing to buying an automobile”.


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