‘Monk’ who gave up Bollywood, is discovering bit of Buddha in him: Meet Anuj Tikku, the wanderer

Anuj tikku

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Often times, misery helps you discover yourself. Gautama Buddha left his home and chose the jungles. That was almost 2,500 years ago. A wandering man is a hungry man, whose food is knowledge and new perspective. As the adage goes, a traveller acquires memories and leaves footprints each morning. And the next morning, he abandons his yesterday and is ready for the search yet again.

That is not to mean you qualify to be a wandering man if you are a corporate honcho. You would, if travelling becomes your life like Anuj Tikku’s.

Anuj Tikku, who made it to Bollywood, was looking for a career in films. That is when his father was killed, by men, who Anuj thought were his friends and well-wishers. But they wanted to occupy his property.

Chronicle of a partially executed murder plan 

Two men, father Arun Kumar Tikku and son Anuj were held hostages at two different locations – Mumbai and Goa. Tikku’s father in Mumbai and he himself was shackled in Goa.

“They wanted to grab my property. That fateful night my father went down to 15 stab wounds. At about the same time, I was drugged without my knowledge in Goa. The plan was to finish me as well,” says Tikku.

“Had my father’s murder not been detected in Mumbai, I would’ve been murdered in Goa,” says Anuj. “I think the only reason they let me live was that they knew my father’s murder had been discovered and the police was already trying to join the dots.”

“My father saved me, and I didn’t know it then. Someone completely unrelated apprised me of this fact in a philosophical sense, which we will come to later,” says Tikku.

Tikku’s Bollywood career was on an upswing. He had acted in Anurag Kashyap’s movie, No Smoking. His claim to fame until then was the Havell’s ‘Shock Laga Laga’ series of adverts. “I thought I was doing great, in fact, I was,” he says.Anuj Tikku

Twenty-four hours later, from being a budding Bollywood actor sharing screen space with the likes of Rani Mukherjee, “I became a suspect for my father’s murder.”

Even though I was acquitted of all charges, I remember one day when I was home under the shower trying to pick up the soap for five hours and couldn’t. I was in shock,” Tikku confides. Probably, not being able to pick the soap was a metaphor of “I not able to make sense of my life. My mind was in commotion.”

The wanderer Tikku

Then started the journey of this wandering man, probably wanting to discover a bit of Buddha in him, a man, who sold his Mumbai apartment, much like the monk who sold his Ferarri. He headed first to his grandparents in Dehradun. From there he went for the Char Dham yatra and never looked back.Anuj Tikku

He criss-crossed the country from Amarnath caves to Kanya Kumari and from the eastern Indian tip to the west.

And that is where he met a man who removed the mist of guilt from his mind. It was a conversation with an Aghori baba.

The aghori baba gave him the perspective he was looking for. Just days ago at Kedarnath, a massive rock bheemshila changed the course of the river and prevented damage to the temple thus saving many lives.

He told Tikku, “Your father acted like a bheemshila, he died but prevented you from dying.”

These philosophical words helped Tikku get rid of the guilt he was carrying about being indirectly responsible for his father’s death. Another way of looking at it was his father saved Tikku.

Tikku’s TravelthonAnuj Tikku

Tikku who has travelled across the world to unknown destinations and even countries most Indians wouldn’t have heard of, provides live travel experiences through pictures, videos, blogs, and travelogues through tikkustravelthon.in. At present, he is in talks with travel sites like MakeMyTripHolidayIQ, and Travelgenie to provide sponsored content that go beyond simple text to sweeping narratives that truly bring alive a destination.

A career about to take off in Bollywood, to seeing his father die and then trying to pick up strewn pieces of a thing called life, he lets us know through the soap analogy, he believes probably what Paul Coelho says: “If you think adventures are dangerous, try routine: It’s Lethal.”  And it was during that routine he lost his father, his rock, his bheemshila.



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