Apple launches Apple TV YouTube channel

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In the throat cutting competition of new age smart phones, Apple is opting for several ways to expand its presence across the world.

Apple has quietly launched the ‘Apple TV’ channel on Google owned video content sharing platform YouTube.

Apple’s channel is dedicated to the iPhone maker’s TV app. It offers trailers, behind the scenes commentary, interviews, and show clips highlighting Apple’s original content efforts. The new YouTube channel is grouped into several categories. What’s new, behind the scenes with, hot trailers, Indie exclusive, and carpool karaoke and many others as well.

Moreover, every video on the channel appears without interruption of any advertisements.

The channel serves to promote the Apple TV services; its videos by and large are not available on the channel service’s app. Some of the clips and interviews are only available on YouTube but not the Apple TV app.

The Apple TV app is already available to beta testers having Apple devices running on iOS 12.3 and tviOS 12.3. The same will be available in May after the company redesigns the TV app. Also, it will be available to the public when the company will launch updates to their operating system later this year.

With the introduction to the new YouTube, Apple seems to offer their users an idea of its own content.


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