Aqua Zumba session by Espace gym at Radisson Blu, Ludhiana

THE HUSH POST | 05.25 PM | One- minute- read

Espace gym at Radisson Blu in association with Esctacy Dance Studio organized the first Aqua Zumba session of this season on Friday. Around 35 people from different walks of life participated and tapped their feet on music tunes.

The Aqua Zumba is an aquatic exercise which would help you in your daily routine fitness. Aqua Zumba can be practised even if you don’t know how to swim. Moreover, it is very safe and the best fun exercise for your fitness schedule.

One can learn Aqua Zumba easily. It is a fun exercise where you can practice fitness and learn to dance.


Gautam Sharma, Director Esctacy Dance Studio said, “These sessions are in trend and city people request for hosting these sessions. With Aqua Zumba, participants burn calories. Also, it reduces injury risks. Along with that, it is good for people who have lesser resistance to knee problems.

Espace manager Ram Vijay Sharma said that keeping the fitness-conscious people in mind we at our hotel organised these events for encouraging good health among them. Furthermore, he added, this particular session was organised only for girls and women so they can enjoy even when they don’t know swimming.



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