Are cheap tricks being used so that Kejriwal can’t file nominations? He has token no. 45 and is waiting

Arvind Kejriwal

The Hush Post|4:07pm |one-minute-read|

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has token no. 45 and is in queue to file his nominations on the last day. But here it looks like a ploy to ensure Kejriwal is not able to file nominations. About 100 candidates showed up to file their nomination on the last day. Most of them ahead of Kejriwal. It was almost down to the wire with a queue of at least 50 independent candidates waiting to register at the Jamnagar House in Delhi.

And the CM of Delhi waited anxiously on the last day to file his nominations for the Delhi election. The Chief Minister had missed filing his papers yesterday, having been delayed by his roadshow.

“Waiting to file my nomination. My token no is 45. There are many people here to file nomination papers. Am so glad so many people participating in democracy,” Mr Kejriwal tweeted at 2:36 pm; the deadline was 3:00 pm.

Officials said Mr Kejriwal need not worry. Anyone who makes it inside the office before 3 pm will be allowed to file their nomination.

“Mr Kejriwal is in the queue,” admitted AAP leader Saurabh Bhardwaj, pointing out that while there were “plenty of people” there to file their papers, most didn’t have proposers, which is a must.

“We will not let Kejriwal enter,” said one of the candidates, saying he would contest as an independent.


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