A Colonel may be promoted as Major General, Army could do away with Brigadier’s rank

Army to do away with Brigadier's rank

The Hush Post: As part of the latest restructuring, the Army could do away with the rank of a Brigadier. This in order to get parity with the civil servants and also ensure better promotion prospects for its officers.

As part of the internal paper drafted for the cadre review for an Army which has 42,000 officers, it wants to bring down the number of ranks to seven or eight.

This essentially would mean that a Colonel would be promoted as Major General instead of a Brigadier.

Civil servants have just six ranks while the army has nine as a result of which the army officers think that their pay and perks get compromised.

Army General Bipin Rawat has ordered a high-level inquiry headed by a Military-Secretary and a Lieutenant General level officer to submit a detailed report by November.

“The proposal to do away with the rank of a Brigadier is just a proposal as of now. However, many modern armies do look at restructuring from time to time,” an army spokesperson said.

As per the paper, even the rank of Lieutenant should be assigned to gentlemen cadets in their last year of training.

If the proposal goes through, the officer promoted from Colonel to Major General will command brigades with three battalions of 800 to 1,000 men. Senior Major-Generals will command a division which has three brigades.

The Army’s contention is that a civil servant reaches the rank of joint secretary after 18 years of service while an equivalent rank in Army that of a Major General is reached after putting in 32 years.

Almost 80 per cent of the IAS officers become joint secretary level officers. While in the Army only 5 to 6 officers out of a 100 reach the level of Major General.


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