Arrest warrant issued against woman for having sex on a jam-packed bus

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An Australian court has issued an arrest warrant against a woman for having sex with her boyfriend in a jam-packed bus. The couple was found making it out on the back seat of the bus. At the same time, the court has dropped the charges against the man as he suffered mental health issues.

The incident took place in New South Wales on March 29. Accused Wonder French, 31, and her boyfriend Ryan Jones, 24, had sex after getting on a bus at Charlestown.

Wonder French was due to be sentenced on Tuesday in Newcastle Local Court, but she didn’t appear in the court. Since French didn’t appear for the second time in a row, the court issued a warrant for her arrest.

The court also convicted French in absentia of two counts of assaulting police.

Court documents revealed bus driver Hugh Williams looked in his rear view mirror and saw Jones and French having sex on the back seat.

When the bus driver stopped to pick up a female passenger at Warners Bay, he ordered the pair off the bus “as their sexual behaviour was offensive to others”.

To this French became abusive and, violent, yelling: “Tell him to get f***ed. It’s not his f***ing bus. Tell him to f*** off.”

The couple got off the bus and then tried to get on a second bus. The second bus driver didn’t allow them to board. French then abused him saying , “Do what you’re f***ing told c***. It’s public transport so you have to f***ing take us.”

Police said French even told her partner to abuse the driver because “you’re going to be locked up anyway babe”.


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