‘Atrocious, ill-conceived, against India’s interests:’ Capt Amarinder Singh slams Sidhu’s advisers about Kashmir remarks

Capt Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh warned against “atrocious and ill-conceived comments that were potentially dangerous to the peace and stability of the state and the country.” The statement was in reference to a recent statement made by two of Navjot Sidhu’s advisers on sensitive national issues like Kashmir and Pakistan.

Capt Amarinder urged Sidhu’s advisers to just advice to the PPCC president and not talk about issues they have no idea of.

This was in response to Sidhu’s adviser Pyare Lal Garg’s recent questioning of the chief minister’s criticism of Pakistan. Also in focus was a previous comment by another Sidhu aide, Malwinder Singh Mali, on Kashmir.

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh was shocked at their “extraordinary statements.” He viewed them as “totally misplaced and antagonistic to the stated position of India and the Congress on Pakistan and Kashmir”, and urged the Punjab Congress president to rein in his advisers.

“Kashmir was and is an inalienable part of India,” he said. Capt Amarinder added that Mali had “effectively and inexplicably toed Islamabad’s line”, the press release said.

“This is totally anti-national,” he said. He criticised Mali for not withdrawing his remarks despite condemnation not only from other parties but also from within the Congress.

Garg’s statement that any criticism of Pakistan by Captain Amarinder was not in the interest of Punjab showed Sidhu’s advisor had a clear disconnect from the ground reality, thee press release stated.


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