Bajrang Dal to patrol outside Garba venues in Gujarat, urges organisers to stop entry of Non-Hindus

The Hush Post |6:30 pm | One-minute read

The Bajrang Dal members in Gujarat has asked all the organizers of the Garba venues to bar the entry of ‘non-Hindus’. Also, it has formed teams for patrolling outside the venues and put posters alerting the public about the ‘love-jihad’.

According to the reports, such posters have been put up at the Garba events, especially which are near the Muslim dominated areas. The organization claimed that the festive season has become a platform to lure the Hindu women.

Ahmedabad co-ordinator of Bajrang Dal, Jwalit Mehta reportedly said, “With the help of these posters, we are alerting the public about a conspiracy wherein Hindu women are targeted by Non-Hindus during Navratri. More than 3 lakh Hindu women fall prey to love jihad every year.”

Further, he said, “If we catch any “vidharmi” (schismatic) with any girl/woman, we will first inform her parents and then extract all details of that non-Hindu person to find out if he had any hidden motive.”

Also, Bajrang Dal urged the parents to be alert and save their daughters. They also urged the police departments of different districts to maintain the “sanctity” of Hinduism and to safeguard women from “love-jihad”.

The organization’s coordinator of north Gujarat, MK Patel reportedly said, “Navratri is an important festival for Hindus. It must not become a platform for love jihad. Non-Hindus, who have nothing to do with this Hindu festival, take advantage to lure our girls/women.”



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