‘Bald’ Delhi killer gets hair transplant in Chandigarh, police nabs him after 3 yrs

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Law has long hands and destiny has small twists. They can catch you unawares howsoever you try to hoodwink them. Almost two weeks after a hair transplant to help him change his appearance, a convicted killer on the run for the last three years was arrested from Dwarka in Delhi on Thursday, police said.
Mohit Wadhwa, 30, a resident of Hisar in Haryana, he had shot and killed a “criminal” in August 2006. The criminal had attacked Wadhwa’s father with a sword during a quarrel. Wadhwa later ‘avenged’ his father’s death by shooting the criminal. He later dumped the criminal’s body in a canal.

Wadhwa had visited Chandigarh on November 20. He got hair transplantation done by paying Rs 80,000. He allegedly shaved off his moustache and assumed a fake name ‘Ankit’.

However, a tip-off gave away his location to the police on Thursday. This happened nearly three years after he jumped parole in January 2016.
“When Wadhwa was cornered, he tried to shoot at the police but was caught before he could do any damage,” said Anto Alphonse, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka).

Was planning a robbery next  

According to the Delhi police, Wadhwa stayed in different towns of Punjab and in Delhi during his days on the run. He also worked at a call centre in Delhi that duped people by getting credit and debit card details, police said.
“He took a flat on rent at Dwarka Morh and procured a pistol when the police received a tip-off,” a police officer told The Hindustan Times. Wadhwa later quit the job at the call centre and and was now planning a robbery, he said.
Wadhwa was arrested and convicted by a district court in 2008. His appeal against his conviction was turned down by the Supreme Court. Police said he sought parole in January 2016. However, he never returned to jail.


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