Bangalore woman hires 10 dacoits to rob her neighbors, arrested


The Hush Post | 7:00 pm | One-minute read

A 47-year old Bangalore woman was arrested by police along with 10 dacoits which were hired by him to rob her neighbours. The prime accused in the case Girjamma, and two victim neighbors, Narassama and her daughter-in-law Prabhavati lived in the same building.

According to the reports by Times of India, Girijamma used to run a chit-fund business in which she incurred heavy losses. She discussed this with the other prime accused in the case, Dichchi Raju, who convinced her to find two women who lived alone so that his gang can rob them.

A police officer reportedly said, “Girijamma then zeroed in on Narasamma and Prabhavati, who had lost their husbands and stayed together. Prabhavati was a tailor. Raju and his gang struck the woman’s residence and took away 298 grams of gold on August 28.”

The investigations reveal that three men overpowered the two woman and snatched their gold. On questioning with all the inmates of the building, the police found Girjamma’s behavior suspicious.

“Police tracked Girijamma’s phone calls to Raju and picked her up for questioning. She confessed to the crime and we arrested all ten members of Raju’s gang,” informed a police officer.


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