Bank mistakenly deposits Rs. 80 lakh in couple’s account and they spent it all

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A bank mistakenly credited a couple’s account with $120,000 (Rs. 80 lakh) and they just spent it all. A bank in Pennsylvania mistakenly deposited the money in the joint account of Robert Williams and his wife Tiffany.

As per the Montoursville police, a customer in Georgia deposited $120,000 into his account in the BB&T bank on May 31. But the bank officials entered the wrong account number. When the customer didn’t receive the money in his account he raised an alarm.

The bank cross-checked and found that it mistakenly deposited the money into the joint bank account of Robert and Tiffany Williams.

The police launched an investigation and found out that the couple had spent all the money. Tiffany Williams told police that she bought an SUV, a Camper, two cars and a car trailer with the money.

In its affidavit in the court, the police said that Tiffany even gave around $ 15000 to a needy friend of hers. The couple said that they knew money wasn’t theirs and had even entered into an agreement with the bank to return the money.

The couple appeared before the court on Monday and said they were misled by some ‘wrong’ people. The court granted the two a bail after depositing a surety of $25,000.


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