To befool everybody, child rape accused in Bathinda takes part in dharna held for his arrest; held after 5 days

Under the new ordinance passed in Punjab a few days ago, he will be hanged to death within six months if proven guilty; the accused has accepted having committed the crime

The Hush Post: Here is a perpetrator of a heinous crime, rape of a 8-yr-old girl, in Bathinda who thought he would get away by using tricks to hoodwink the police and the victim’s family. After committing the crime, the next day he took part in a dharna which was meant for his arrest. For the next 5 days, he roamed about scot-free in the area. The Bathinda police in the meanwhile got face photography done of about 500 people living in the area where the child lived. When the victim came home from hospital after the ghastly incident, she was shown pictures of these 500 people and she immediately recognised the culprit.

The accused was then identified as 29-yr-old Vicky who is from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh but lived at  Hardev Nagar in Bathinda. His wife died about one and a half year back and also has a child. He used to live just about 50 yards from the victim’s house. A rubber band which the victim had tied to her hair at the time of the incident was also recovered from the crime site, where the accused was taken. He was arrested from his house. He has accepted having commited the crime.

When he was brought before the media, he was in tears screaming, “galti ho gayee, maaf kar do”. When his face was covered with the black cloth, he asked and cried in fear, “fansi ke liye le ja rahe ho?”

IG, Bathinda Range, M F Farrookhi said that he would be tried under the new ordinance passed in Punjab a few days ago under which he will be hanged to death within six months if proven guilty.


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