19-year-old beauty queen dies of cardiac arrest

The Hush Post | 3:19 pm | One-minute read

Former Miss Teen Universe Lotte Van der Zee died of a fatal cardiac arrest on March 6. The Dutch model was on a ski trip with her family when she had a sudden heart attack in Munich. Her parents, Bert van der Zee and Eugeniek van het Hul informed about her death through her Instagram account.

They posted, “Our pearl, our everything passed away on Wednesday evening March 6th at 22:47. It is incredibly surreal that our dearly beloved Lotte is not around us anymore. Our hearts are truly broken.” They posted the message of Lotte’s picture of her enjoying the snow wearing red ski outfit and beanie hat.

According to reports, the pageant queen passed away a day before her 20th birthday. She was crowned Miss Teen Universe in the year 2017.

Further explaining her health condition, her parents said, “Lotte was out with her friends the night before her heart attack and she returned cheerfully without any health issue. However, she did not appear for breakfast.”

Later on, her condition deteriorated and resulted in a sudden cardiac arrest on the same day. Her family took her to the nearest hospital where she was placed in a medically induced coma. She was again transferred to a specialist hospital where she suffered organ failure.

The medical tests are still being carried out to find out the cause of her heart attack. Lotte had an amazing modelling career after she won the Miss Teen Universe title.


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