Ben Stokes is no more a name but cuss word for urban elite kids post Kohli’s use of name |WATCH VIDEO

Ben Stokes Virat Kohli

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Post Virat Kohli’s indiscriminate use of the word Ben Stokes, a replacement for the cuss word that he uses, it has started to become a metaphor for the Hindi expletive commonly used by men in India.

Youngsters are using Ben Stokes in place of the cuss word and more comfortably in the presence of women. Alternately, T-shirts bearing Ben Stokes’ name with Virat’s pictures have appeared in the market.

Virat Kohli began the use of this cuss word in Hindi, which bears similarities to the pronunciation of Ben Stokes’ name. It has led to some hilarious episodes and comments. So much so that the English all-rounder once jokingly threatened to delete his Twitter account. This time around, the England all-rounder didn’t wait for anyone else to draw similarities with Kohli’s now-famous cuss word and his name.

To a question on Twitter: “If you were on the phone with Virat Kohli, what would you tell him?” the 28-year-old England cricketer came up with a hilarious reply that quickly went viral on Twitter.

As expected, fans came in their numbers, flooding the comments section with GIFs of Kohli. In some cases Kohli can be heard mouthing the cuss word.


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