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Gym looks, going by Bollywood standards, are one of the hottest looks from a girl’s wardrobe. Daily Instagrams are shouting out with the gym looks of celebrities giving fitness goals and fashion inspirations to others. With the sexy Malaika Arora to newbie Sara Ali Khan and Jahnvi Kapoor, everybody is making their own statements.

So, if you also go to the gym or are planning to join soon, then let’s see what are the gym outfits you can wear to keep your look stylish or some tips for gym wear.

Running Trainers

Running Trainers shoes looks super smart with your gym wear plus they are super comfy. Especially for your cardio workout they thoroughly support your ankle and are a savior.


Layers it is

For the best comfort layers are the best tip for gym wear. Wear layers like you can wear a nice spaghetti top with a loose T-shirt above it. Layers will help you to keep things in place and work out very comfortable without being worried about some posture.


Highly supportive Sports Bra

A good sports bra is essential when we talk about the gym. We got to bend and do various postures so sports bra is a necessity. It will help you be comfortable and not worry while you perform your exercises.


Yoga Pants

If you want to have a look at sexy trending yoga pants then you must check Shilpa Shetty Instagram. To feel comfortable while performing various yoga postures and stretching exercises then get yourself apair of yoga pants. No matter how much you sweat, you don’t have to worry about any color changing while you wear them.


Joggers/ Sweat Pants

Many people find wearing yoga pants very tough, but don’t worry you have got a solution here. Get jogger pants, a little more comfortable than yoga pants. It’s just like your regular pyjamas but which fit you super nice.


Matching suits

  • They are totally in, again the names that come automatically to your mind are of Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora. They both have been flaunting their suits. Matching upper and lower for yoga suits look so sexy. They also reveal a part of your stomach which motivates  to get those abs there soon.


Sexy Gym Shorts

Sara Ali Khan and Jahnvi Kapoor can be called as the brand ambassador of these gym shorts. They make it look so sexy. Plus to work out in this super hot weather, gym shorts are super comfortable.


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