After conviction, Qurbani gang had plans to ‘flow Ram Rahim to Pakistan’, reveals former Dera follower Bhupinder Gora

Former Dera follower Bhupinder Singh Gora.

The Hush Post: In a sensational revelation, former Dera followers and now a Congressman Bhupinder Gora has said that before the Dera Supremo Gurmeet Ram Rahim was convicted, there was a plan that if it so happened, Gurmeet Ram Rahim would be whisked away by his security and Qurbani gang and the plan was to probably flow him in a chopper to Pakistan for his safety. This was revealed by Bhupinder Gora in an interview to News 18 Editor of Haryana, Mukesh Rajput.

Notably, if one takes note of all that happened after Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s conviction on the fateful day, his security manhandled an IG level officer and later tried to breach the state security to get hold of Gurmeet Ram Rahim on way to Ambala from where he was flown to a Rohtak jail, where the quantum of sentence was to be handed out three days later.

Bhupinder Gora, who stayed with Gurmeet Ram Rahim for 11 years, and claims to have found the reality of the Dera first hand, says, he knew of women who were raped by the Baba and also of about 100 murders which took place in the Dera between 1989 and 2017. In the interview, he has also clarified that the Baba was responsible for all those murders. “Many approached me in the Dera, asking me to become a sadhu, which meant castration or genital destruction but I escaped all of it,” said Gora to the News 18 network.

He also revealed that the blast in a political rally of Jasminder Singh Jassi was carried out by Dera supremo so that he arouses enough sympathy and Jassi wins. Had Jassi lost, it would have directly impacted Dera as well and its following, says Gora.


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