Bigg Boss 3 Tamil contestant claims he used to board bus to molest women, Kamal Hassan laughs, and audience cheers him

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A Bigg Boss 3 Tamil contestant boastfully revealed on the show that he used to molest women on bus even as the audience cheered him. South Indian actor Saravanan, known for his role in movie Paruthiveeran, made the shocking claim. Social media users are furious with Saravanan. Actor Kamal Hassan who is the host of the show, purportedly laughed at Saravanan’s pathetic disclosure.

Kamal Hassan was addressing a tussle between contestants Meera Mithun and Cheran during the show. During this, he touched upon the issue of difficulties of travelling in a busy bus. Hassan said, “To travel on a busy bus is a big hassle. While there are people who are rushing to reach office on time, there are those who get in just to touch women inappropriately.” The episode was aired on Saturday night.

The South Indian superstar was interrupted by Saravanan who said, “I have done it”. Admitting that he used to take bus rides to molest and grope women, he added, “It was long back, when I was in college.” While Kamal Hassan laughed over the matter, the comment was received with loud cheer and a big round of applause from the audience at the show.

Kamal Haasan’s spokesperson, however, clarified that the actor was being sarcastic.

After the incident, the internet is fuming with angry comments directed towards Saravanan as well as the controversial show.


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