Bigg Boss or a big lie? Now Anup Jalota says he wants to do Jasleen Matharu’s Kanyadaan

Anup Jalota with Jasleen Matharu
Anup Jalota with Jasleen Matharu

The Hush Post | 15:41 | 3-minute read

Is it Bigg Boss or a big lie? A big question has cropped up. After hogging limelight after his alleged affair with Jasleen Matharu, now Anup Jalota says he wants to her Kanyadaan.

Evicted from the show, Bhajan Samrat has claimed his alleged was a gimmick to for the show’s TRP. Jalota has claimed the show producers had persuaded them to pose as a couple to gain TRPs. He said the whole thing was scripted for the Bigg Boss.

After his eviction, Jalota has admitted that he did never have any love affair with several years younger Jasleen Matharu. Jalota said he was only her teacher and senior, a report said.

Jalota said he met Jasleen only with her parents and did not know her in the personal capacity. The Bhajan singer further said he would love to do Jasleen’s Kanyadaan after her father Kesar Matharu’s permission.

Meanwhile, inside the Bigg Boss house, Jasleen is missing Jalota. As now the truth is out, it seems pretty farcical to see Jasleen still putting up with the act.


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