Bihar boy jumps into flood to shoot Tik-Tok video, dies |WATCH VIDEO

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A shocking incident has been reported from Bihar where a boy along with his friends went to flood-stricken Dharbanga, Bihar in an attempt to make a Tik-Tok video. Afzal, a native of Adlavpur village in Bihar, lost his life while shooting a Tik-Tok video in flood.

A few days ago, Afzal and his friends were diving and performing stunts in the floodwater. Afzal jumped and drowned in the flood water resulting in his death.

According to the reports by India Today, it took three days for the NDRF team to find the body of the deceased. The dead body was found at the same location where he was performing the stunts.

Watch the video of the incident

The video went viral after three days of the incident. The video shows the boys running and diving into the floodwater. First, Afzal’s friend jumped and then Afzal followed him. Unfortunately, Afzal couldn’t survive but his friend did.

This is not the first time when youngsters have lost lives in an attempt to make Tik-Tok videos. Salman Zakir, a 19-year old boy, was accidentally shot by his friend Sohail while making a video for Tik-Tok. This incident took place in April 2019.

Another incident was reported in February 2019 where a college-going student from Tamil Nadu died when his scooter rammed into a bus while trying to shoot a Tik-Tok video.



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