Tantric wants human sacrifice of son, seeks permission from district administration in Bihar

Tantric wants to sacrifice engineer son

The Hush Post | 13:15 | Two-minute read

A ‘Pagla Baba’ of Bihar’s Begusarai district has sent a weird application to the local authorities. The officers are shocked to receive such an application. In the application ‘Pagla Baba’ who is originally Surendra Singh of Mohanpur Pahadpur village has sought permission for human sacrifice.

According to the locals Tantric Surendra Singh wants to sacrifice his engineer son first who does not provide him financial help for his occult activities. In his letter to Sub Divisional Officer (sadar), Begusarai, he wrote that he wants to propitiate his deity.

The screenshots of the letter which was written on January 29, have been shared widely and gone viral on social media. The letter has not been received by the authorities yet.

Meanwhile, a video of tantric Surendra is also doing rounds. In the video, Surendra is telling a group of local journalist that human sacrifice is not a crime.

“Human Sacrifice is not a crime and I have been ordered to perform the same by the Goddess Kamakhya. The first person I shall be sacrificing is my son, an engineer by profession, who refuses to give financial aid to my temple. He is like Ravana,” Surendra is shown as saying in the video.

The villagers said that the tantric is in the habit of doing things to get publicity and this may be yet another gimmick. He is often seen walking around naked or carrying skull in hand. But his unstable temperament has made some locals scared about their children’s safety.

The local authorities are now taking this matter seriously. They have launched a hunt for the tantric as well as the letter.


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